Ariane Bischoff | Skills
I specialise in international product introduction as freelance project manager enabling your fulltime staff to take over after the product launch.
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Grown up in a family business and entrepreneurial context, I enjoy taking decisions and understand the importance of leadership. My style of managing projects and people builds on active listening to gain an overview and on encouraging the team to start the implementation phase. Hence, I’m not a consultant. I’m hands-on and dynamic enabler.


In my times in a start-up firm, in family businesses, in large corporations or as volunteer counsellor, I learned how to engage and motivate people to keep a project on track. Reading between the lines has become my specialty in particular in intercultural circumstances. My work in New York, the Netherlands and within LG Electronics, a South-Korean corporation, taught me to focus on the global goal and to be flexible on the local level. Often, it’s just a small change in the concept or wording that makes all the difference.


I am fluent in German, English and French. My Dutch is on working profienciy level. I have elementary knowlegde in Italian and Spanish.


When it comes to marketing a new product, my truth lies in the combination of online and offline. The digital dialogue with clients is fantastic if it fits the company resources to assure a continuous and open exchange. In balance, I foster meeting people in person to keep the project on the tangible ground.

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